A feasibility study is the best way to assess the practicality of your project. However, there are various types of feasibility studies you need to know before choosing feasibility study consultant in DubaiFour major feasibility studies exist Project, financial, operational, legal, and environmental. The purpose of these studies is to determine the viability of a proposed venture. In this article, we will cover the financial feasibility study, as well as the Operational feasibility study.

Financial feasibility:

If you’re planning to invest in a new product or system, you might wonder about a financial feasibility study. The study examines the potential benefits of a new product or service and the risks involved. This analysis also helps you uncover the strengths and weaknesses of an existing business.

Operational feasibility:

The purpose of operational feasibility studies is to assess the need for a project and the suitability of its requirements. This involves evaluating all relevant stakeholders’ reactions to a project plan. Its success is determined by its ability to demonstrate that the plan can be implemented and achieve the desired objectives. In addition to assessing a project’s potential, operational feasibility studies are essential for the successful completion of a project. The benefits of conducting these studies are numerous.

Legal feasibility:

A legal feasibility study thoroughly examines a project to ensure it is viable and will profit the client. It will consider investment and tax and financial legislation, salary and wage laws, other regulations, and the project’s organizational structure. It will also determine the administrative functions and what kind of job descriptions should be created. Ultimately, it will decide if the project is viable and can be launched. However, many people still opt to hire a legal feasibility study company.

Project feasibility:

A feasibility study is used to determine whether a particular project is feasible. The study must consider several factors, including the location and industry in which it is planned. In some cases, the study may also be necessary to evaluate the safety and cultural issues. However, it is important to remember that not all feasibility studies are identical. For example, some feasibility studies may assess only one aspect of a project, while others may assess several factors to determine whether the project can be executed.

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